Emax Tiny hawks 2 Full Review


Rc Drone

This device comes in a nice carrying case which has;

  • A set of spare props
  • A 1s, 450mAh HV battery
  • A2s, 300mAh HV battery
  • A quick-start guide and some stickers
  • A USB 1s and 2s battery charger.

Emax Tiny hawks


Something important is that the camera tilt is now adjustable and upgraded to a Runcam Nano 2. Some would have preferred the Runcam Nano 3, but it should be easy enough to upgrade. I have dirt on a couple of pixels on the sensor and the sensor which seems to be defective. At times the dirt on the sensor can be unseen but you can easily fix at least with Runcam Nano 2 where you can unscrew the lens and blow the dirt off.

Motor, frames, props

Getting to accommodate 1s and 2s batteries in the battery cage now consists of 2 rubber bands securing your batteries in place. LEDs have been added to the hoops where they are connected to the motor outputs and the brightness adjustable to the amount of the throttle and they are not programmable. They always look pretty fancy in the flight especially in the dark and are great to draw with your quadcopter in a long exposure photo or great if intending to do some follow footage.

Video transmitter

The video transmitter can be switched between 25Mw, 100mw, and 200mw where it comes in a locked state where only 25mw and limited selections of channels are available. But unfortunately, it does not apply to the video transmitter because you can change to any frequency in which you need to connect to the Beta flight to change your channel.

Flight controller

It has been upgraded with 5A ECS’s and you can run 48kHz via JESC on the Emax Tinyhawk 2 and the RPM filters. The flight controller comes flashed with Beta flight 4.1.0 and their tune is pretty decent. Emax does not allow the change of tune or upgrade in a different version because they claim that their version offers the performance.


Tinyhawk 2 is a lot of fun where even recommend anyone looking for the 1S indoor racer. The stock tune can be nice and you can take it out of the box and start ripping. It is well capable of racing and freestyle. It comes with everything you need to get you going.


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