Enjoy your surfing with FT010 RC Racing Boat


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It is common to play RC airplanes in the sky and RC cars on the road, but now, a new way of entertainment has been created, which allows you to surf on the ocean, that is FT010, a RC racing boat.
If you are sensitive to innovation in the electronic field, then you must know there are FT009 and   FT012 (FT012 is the upgraded version of FT009) before FT010. I fell in love with FT010 from the first sight of seeing it. It looks like a yacht that is very beautiful, cool and fashionable, and i believe it can satisfy most people’ pursuit of beauty.
FT010 is made from ABS, a kind of material with high strength, which enables your boat strong enough to surf on the ocean freely. Powered by 14.8V Lipo battery with 1500mAh, you are able to surf 6-8 minutes within the remote control distance between 100-150 meters, which is the longest time compared with FT009 and FT012. Besides, its speed is also amazing. FT010 surfs at the max speed of 35km\h! Undoubtedly, we can enjoy to the fullest the excitement that the boat brings to us.

Just like quadcopters can implement various movements in the sky, FT010 can also do the same things on the ocean. For example, forward\backward, left\right turn, and even automatic flip over. It is impossible for every one to possess a yacht, but FT010 can replace of it, and satisfy your desire to a yacht. In addition, to make sure we have a safe surfing, this boat has a built-in water cooling system which can effectively cool the motor and circuit board, ensuring all components are under healthy working conditions. When the electric quantity of the battery reduce, the remote control will beep and the red light will flash to inform us, so a safe trip is guaranteed.

Sometimes people will get extra happiness because of change, and FT010 maybe is your first step to change. Have fun with this new way of entertainment.


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