Experiencing Innovative Water Sport with SYMA Q3 RC Boat


RC BoatSyma

Everyone who loves water love to experience boat ride and speedboats can only add more thrill to your rides. But if you want to experience that without being inside a boat yourself then say hello to remote-controlled boats. There are millions of RC boat lovers around the world who fancy owning stylish toy-sized boats to race them with others. And it is one of the most popular hobbies both among kids as well as adults. There are many professional clubs where people learn how to ride these amazing boats and even participate in competitions. And these RC boats give you the opportunity to learn how a boat is designed and can help you understand the techniques in building a life-sized boat too. That is exactly what the SYMA Q3 RC speed boat is all about.


Features of the SYMA Q3 Boat:

This stylish and sleek designed boat comes with a powerful 2.4 GHz remote-controlled transmitter that lets you control the boat efficiently. The boat comes with a built-in propeller powered by a tiny and powerful motor. The entire propeller system is waterproof that makes it ideal for riding on any type of water surface. The streamlines hull makes the boat gives the cutting edge control while maneuvering using your RC. The remote control unit has all the controls that you need your boat to follow your directions. There are dedicated buttons for left and right, forward and backward, power on and off, and an LCD panel for convenient display. There are also two joystick modules that you can alternatively use to control your boat. There are also LED indicators for low power warning as well as power on/off indication.



The SYMA Q3 boat comes with a built-in cooling system that protects the boat against over-heating that enables you to ride the boat continuously for as long as possible. The reset capsize option gets your boat on track in case it accidentally flips due to contact with an obstacle in the water. The lithium-ion battery gives great mileage to your boat and you can easily recharge once you see low power indication. This boat has a top speed of 20 KM per hour which is ideal for participating in racing competitions.


The Package:

The SYMA Q3 RC boat comes with a USB charger, screwdriver, hex wrench, lubricating oil, desiccant, and propeller. There is also stand on which you can station your boat when not in use. You can easily dismantle and re-assemble your boat and the instruction manual comes in handy in handling that. This boat comes with a complete guide how to use and set up. So you can actually learn to make a boat with the help of this amazing product. You can use it as a toy for your kids or for your own hobby and join a social RC boat club in your vicinity. The possibilities and opportunities with this boat are simply endless.


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