Explore The World Of Drones With Affordable HB68 Micro Drone


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Ever since the advent of drones, there has been a lot of curiosity to try flying one. What used to be a tactical device for military and security services is now being made available for reach to common people. That need gave birth to quadcopter drones and has since then become the trendiest device of all. These drones were still out of reach for most people because of their size as well as the price. Thanks to the all-new HB68 microdrone that not only fits the size of your palm but has been made quite affordable too. So owning a drone is no more an expensive deal.


Capture Your Moments

The HB68 drone comes with a built-in camera on its nose that lets you take pictures and record videos. So you can easily navigate it to places where you cannot reach and take shots. This drone is a great accompaniment for travelers and trekkers. The camera offers a 120-degree view that lets you capture the most part of an area in a single picture. No more depending on someone else to take your photo as it lets you take great selfie shots.


Convenient to Carry

The HB68 quadcopter micro drone weighs just 24 grams and tiny enough to fit your trouser pocket. So you can easily carry it with you at all times as you never know when you find the need to use it. The design replicates professional quadcopters and hence offers superior flight performance. This drone is agile and sturdy to handle both interior and exterior environments. Whether you are going to a party, outdoor camping or just hanging around without friends at a coffee shop, this is a great device to steal the attraction of the crowd around you.


Easy to Handle

This drone comes with several replaceable parts and you can easily install or dismantle it. This gives you an opportunity to get a basic understanding of the architecture of drones. So this can be quite educational for your kids too. And your kids can learn the basics of flying that can help them with their aspiration to become a pilot or a professional drone operator. The HB68 micro drone comes with a rechargeable 260 mAh battery too.


In a nutshell, the HB68 microdrone is great for most purposes and ideal for people in all age groups. You can also use it as a toy or as a mini spy camera, this tiny wonder can get through anything or anyone unnoticed. You also get various color options to choose from.



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