Fashion and Portable Backpack Shoulder Bag For Hubsan H501S X4


Hubsan H501S X4 has attracted many enthusiasts of the Quadcopter. This Quadcopter not only possess the excellent performance, the beautiful design and the discount price. Thus, Hubsan H501S X4 has brought a new change in the area of quadcopter.


It’s worth to mention that a backpack shoulder bag for JYU Hornet S and Hubsan H501S X4 has enter in the market to match your quadcopter perfectly. The aim to design this backpack is to make the users bring the quadcopter much more portable. It’s well-known that it can be said that it’s not convenient to bring the quadcopter. Usually, we want to play the quadcopter easily but need to carry out a big suitcase. Therefore, such a kind of backpack like this has been designed to help you rescue this condition.


You can put all the quadcopter, controller and the camera inside it. Backpack with canvas material with silver light white tone, supplemented by  meticulous stripes and round shape, is very beautiful. From the view of the side, backpack is also very compact, modeling novel and three-dimensional. Opened the backpack zipper, you can see the quadcopter   and saddle are set in the backpack of the buffer plate and carefully with a cloth fixed to avoid the quadcopter in the backpack shaking with the flight frame collision. The next is the outer backpack, remote control area, this layer of fabric deliberately used imitation deerskin to show it more elegant and style. This Hubsan H501S X4 backpack shoulder bag is not only simple and practical and easy to carry, but also full of youth elements.