FeelWorld PVR732 HDMI DVR 5.8G 32CH Wireless 7 Inch HD Monitor Review


FPV System

A multi-functional monitor like FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor is quite needed in our daily life. For instance, the 5.8GHz 32CH monitor possesses wireless image transmission feature which enables aerial enthusiasts to experience first person view photography. Meanwhile, this monitor allows to install at a car, shop as well as private place. Featuring by high resolution and intelligent setting, it always enjoy decent complement among customers.

FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor
7 inch FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor whose resolution is 1024×600, contrast is 700:1 and screen ratio is 16:9 could be very nice choice if you’re looking for FPV monitor. It doesn’t have “blue screen”  problem when the signal gets weak, which makes aircraft able to fly much further without losing image. When VTX is not connected, it just stay static but never turns blue or black. Supporting 5.8GHz wireless transmission with selective 32CH, the first person view will exceeds your expectation.

FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor
In addition, FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor is pretty suited to install as store monitor, since it can intelligently adjust recording data in line with certain situation. When appearing moving objects, it will automatically turn to recording mode. If there is a thief hanging in the store, every details action will be captured by the monitor. Besides, it allows to add date into the recording. You may not instantly find out what happened, but you can check the record later.

FeelWorld PVR732 MonitorWhat’s more, FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor can also work as car invigilator. As we know, driving at night is more or less dangerous if not clearly know what’s behind you. A high-resolution monitor is to eliminate potential dangers and figure out the process of a accident or dispute. The solid recording allows you to get very detailed image. Even the electricity is cut off, the video will be stored automatically.
FeelWorld PVR732 MonitorWhen the SD card is taken with its full memory, very initial video will be replaced automatically. Finally, FeelWorld PVR732 Monitor supports HDMI Mode such as 480i 480p, 576i 576p,720p 1080i 1080p(50/60Hz). Anyway, the higher resolution you choose, the clearer recording it acts. Compared with other monitors, this one with  5°/75°(L/R)75°/75°(U/D) view angle covers wider vision of recording for you!


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