FEIMI X1BH – The Perfect Gimbal for Perfect Shots


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Gyroscopes have been used in navigation since the time of the ancient Greeks. With the advancement of technology, the usage of stabilizers has spread across many fields and industries. For example, the movie industry can’t function without using image stabilizers. These days, we are almost constantly using our cameras, and we need the highest quality accessories in order to make great videos. This is why FEIMI X1BH Brushless handheld Gimbal is just the thing you need to make that perfect video.

FEIMI X1BH Brushless handheld Gimbal

FEIMI X1BH is a handheld gimbal specially made for the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k camera. It offers fantastic image stabilization and eliminates the noise produced by movement. The gimbal delivers a perfect camera control which will enhance the quality of your shots and videos to a whole new level.


Improved your picture quality greatly

It integrates the advanced Xiaomi 4k Camera module with an advanced stabilizing platform that delivers razor-sharp, noise-free videos with stunning quality. With the integration of a handheld pan-tilt solution, creating stunning footage is as easy and as smooth as opening a candy bar. FEIMI X1BH’s ergonomic, user-friendly design allows quick and intuitive user experience, which will help you get the absolute maximum out of your Xiaomi Mi quadcopter’s 4k camera. Just mount your camera and turn the Gimbal on – and be prepared to be amazed at the level of stabilization it delivers.

FEIMI X1BH Brushless handheld Gimbal

A vital part

The FEIMI X1BH Brushless Handheld Gimbal contains a built-in 5000mAh Lithium-Ion battery which charges in about 150 minutes. The gimbal’s sturdy design allows it to work perfectly in a wide variety of weather conditions, with working temperature range of 0 – 40 degrees Celsius. FEIMI X1BH is an irreplaceable accessory for your Xiaomi Mi’s 4k camera. We weren’t convinced until we tried it.


Highly evaluated

“The videos we shot without the gimbal were shaky, noisy and felt very amateurish. However, after we mounted our Xiami Mi 4k camera on FEIMI X1BH the quality of the video has improved immensely. We used it in a wide variety of terrain both urban and rural. From running on stairs to riding a bike on a mountain trail, the amazingly still videos it produced blew our minds.”

FEIMI X1BH Brushless handheld Gimbal

At a fairly economic price range, the FEIMI X1BH Brushless handheld gimbal delivers professional quality images and videos. It’s high performance and quality makes this accessory a must-have for any Xiami Mi 4k camera owner. If you are an amateur director or a marketing agency that wants to shoot high quality promotional videos, FEIMI X1BH is just the gimbal you need.

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  1. bruce mcleod says:

    Why not show a video then? Need to see if it can maintain the horizon as the drone has trouble

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