Feiyu Tech FY-G4 3Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smart Phone Review


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High pixels as nowadays smart phones possess, it’s far from perfect when it comes to making selfie! If you’re obsessed with selfie, I’d like recommend FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal, very excellent 3Axis handheld gimbal for smart phone. When holding it in hand, you don’t have to lifting the smart phone too high or too far. And even you don’t have to make special posture, cause different perspectives can be adjusted with the gimbal.

FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal
A long bar supports the gimbal and it eases your holding, meanwhile, there is only one button on the long bar. All angle adjustments should be achieved via the button. The wire free design endows Feiyu Tech FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal a look as stunning as its stabilization performance. In addition, there are simple 3 modes design to cater for every ground environment after being tested from the intense rigors of radio controlled flight applications.

FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal
Pressing the button for single short time, FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal enters heading following mode. If pressing it for double quick times, the heading and pitch following modes both start. When pressing long for one second, the heading, pitch and rolling are all locked. Simply, you can doubly press the button into heading and pitch following mode, and adjust the attitude by moving pitch to the angle you want, then press the print one time to lock the angle of pitch.

FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal
When doing selfie, you have to turn 180º of FY-G4 Smart Phone Gimbal and make sure the USB port is facing you. In line with the altitude you hold, you can freely adjust the gimbal as what I show you above. The pitching angle is 250º, rolling angle is 320º, and horizontal rotation range is 100º. Anyway, the gimbal always features incomparably stability and accuracy. In addition, the gimbal is suit for 54mm – 73mm width and 135g weight smart phone.


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