Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 are going to shock your eyes


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These two RC cars will definitely make you excited! Cool looking, powerful components, strong structure,outstanding running abilities and nice playing time combine to make you immersed in running. Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 are your wise choices.

Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 are different in appearance. Feiyue FY01 looks like a truck, providing red and blue two colors. If you have a closed look at the headstock, you’ll find something interesting. Don’t you think it is similar with the BMW’s?

Feiyue FY01Feiyue FY01

Feiyue FY02 is in the traditional SUV appearance. In my opinion, it is more beautiful to look than the FY01. It comes with red and orange. And as an off-road car, it is coolest when it runs at high speed and overcomes barriers.

Feiyue FY02 Feiyue FY02

Apart from appearance, i think Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 share same features in other aspects. Combing powerful motor and ESC, they can reach high speed between 35-40km/h! Drift is also achievable. Trust me, when you see the flying dust, you’ll be full of accomplishment. With the help of the built-in metal shock absorber, these cars are able to overcome rugged terrain and run safely.

The long using time and remote control distance enhance the fun of running. Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 offers running time around 15 minutes, and the remote distance is beyond 80 meters, it is a good idea to have a race with other cards.

Feiyue FY01 and Feiyue FY02 are just great to play, take them home and you’ll be conquered by their infinite charms. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.


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