Ferocious& fast 3D Helicopter ALZRC Devil 480 Review


RC Helicopter

Today I’m gonna introduce you the uncommon but very controllable 3D helicopter, that is ALZRC Devil 480. Personally, I hope you’ve never miss such cool helicopter, cause many enthusiasts tend to turn their backs when seeing its full-covered fuselage. As a matter of fact, the canopy in colorful coating adopts fiberglass which doesn’t take much weight. Meanwhile, the outstanding canopy helps you clearly see how the copter performs in the sky.
ALZRC Devil 480Whatever perspectives you take on the helicopter, it possesses very protected fuselage, seemingly all components are covered by the shell. Honestly, I’m pretty curious why some enthusiasts not so into the canopy. Fiberglass in fact can’t conduct electricity, which means the possibility of self-explosion is greatly reduce if there is a crash. Besides, the uncovered DFC rotor head is featured by ultra-low center of gravity, effectively enhancing flights response and speed.
ALZRC Devil 480In addition, ALZRC Devil 480 adopts the latest flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyroscope. That is to say, the 3D helicopter will be very excellent in doing fancy stunts. Apart from normal flights, it’s capable of stable hovering, rolling, flipping, pitching, inverted flying, vertical flying and so on. I strongly advice you to watch the test flight video, anyway, such sensitive and stable 3D bearing is much untouchable for other copters.
ALZRC Devil 480 ALZRC Devil 480More details about ALZRC Devil 480: the light-weight integrated main shaft bearing block is added with thrust bearing in the original basis, making the bearing more durable and more conducive to violence flight. The metal Anti-rotation Bracket will fasten installation or removal rotor head assembly. What’s more, the independent main and tail blades possesses high durability, which can survive many crashes.
ALZRC Devil 480 ALZRC Devil 480Last but not least, ALZRC Devil 480 is a large-size helicopter with 670mm in length and 200mm in height. Thus, you’d better fly it in a wide and open ground. Believe me, this 3D helicopter is more appreciative than others in terms of its the colorful coating!


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