Fidget Freely with your Xiaomi Cube Spinner


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Are you ready to experience one of the hottest trends in the world? Fidget toys, like spinners and cubes, have become the must-have toy for children and adults alike because they provide the unrivaled sensory experience we did not even realize we needed. An early version of this toy became the tenth most crowd-funded item on Kickstarter and raised more than six million dollars over their goal! Since then, fidget toys have found their ways into the hands of people across the globe looking to focus their attention, relieve stress, or just have fun!


Grab your own piece of the worldwide trend with the Xiaomi Cube Spinner! This sleek and sturdy cube will fit in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere. The smooth surfaces and rounded corners are perfectly comfortable in the palm of your hand and provide endless hours of entertainment. As your fingers flip and fold, your stress will disappear and your focus will grow.

Xiaomi Cube Spinner

For children

Does your child have trouble concentrating at school? Do you constantly get notes from the teacher about your child’s behavior problems? A toy like the Xiaomi Spinner Finger can make all the difference. When a child has too much energy, their attention goes bouncing around the room making it impossible for them to focus on the task at hand. By letting some of that energy out with the quiet Xiaomi Mitu fidget cube, they are free to concentrate and then behavior improves.

 Xiaomi Cube Spinner

For adults

But even adults can use a fidget toy! Do you ever struggle to think at work? Do your nerves sometimes get the best of you when the pressure is on? Let your fingers go to work on the mindlessly fun cube so your brain can work on more complicated thoughts without distraction. And on breaks, this toy will help you let go of all the stress and pressure of work so you can truly relax.

Xiaomi Cube Spinner

For more…

The options extend far beyond work and school, however. Use it as a way to relieve boredom while you wait in line or sit through a boring presentation. Bring it to the movie theater to keep your hands busy while you watch the latest blockbuster. Relieve anxiety in the locker room or backstage before a big game or performance.


As entertaining as the Xiaomi Mitu fidget cube is, it can serve a number of real, productive functions in your life. Whether you need to keep your fingers busy while you focus on your work or you are just looking for a way to relieve stress, a Xiaomi Cube Spinner is the perfect item for you! The uses are endless and the price could not be more affordable.



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