Fimi X8 Se vs Mavic Mini, Which is Better?


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Xiaomi’s arrangements with the Fimi X8SE was to offer a reasonable choice for DJI’s Mavic arrangement. In spite of the fact that it has less flexible highlights than DJI – its competitor, the FIMI X8 SE without further ado gets outstanding amongst other camera drones under $500. The reaction from the ruler of drones came following one year through the super-minimal Mavic Mini.

In the DJI Mavic Mini VS FIMI X8 SE, I will experience all the significant parts of each drone. Toward the finish of the article, you will have the entirety of your inquiries replied, I trust so. Anyway, an official conclusion is just yours!

Mavic Mini

In the event that you are moving from the Phantom arrangement to a foldable Mavic, you will be dazzled with how much space you can save in your rucksack. The Mini goes significantly further, it finds a way into your pocket on the off chance that you need. By examination, the Mavic Mini estimates 140 × 82 × 57 mm and the FiMI X8SE a bit more 204 x 106 x 73 mm when they are collapsed. The gigantic distinction comes when you put them on a scale. While the X8SE weighs 790 grams, the little MM 249 grams – which is only one gram underneath FAA’s real enlistment necessities. Moreover, DJI has a significantly lighter rendition of the Mavic Mini planned for the Japanese market which weighs just 199g.


We should speak somewhat about the camera apparatus of each quadcopter. While stall drones highlight 3-hub gimbals and 1/2.3″ CMOS picture sensor with 12M compelling pixels, the FiMi has 4K video recording and the Mavic Mini just 2.7K. Constant picture transmission is made through the far off’s down-connect. In the two cases, you need to interface your cell phone (telephone or tablet) to the transmitter utilizing a USB/Lightning link.

Fimi X8 SE

Battery life

While the FIMI X8 is controlled by a high force LIPO pack (3s/4500mAh), the Mavic Mini by a little 2s/2400mAh battery. Regardless of the way that there is more than twice the limit contrast, the MM figures out how to remain noticeable all around practically equivalent to the X8SE. The raw producer specs state that the MINI has 30 minutes of flight time and its opponent 33 minutes.

Because of the more modest limit battery, the Japanese form of the MiniMavic has around 18-19 minutes of airborne time (in ideal breeze conditions).


Fimi is multiple occasions heavier, which means it is more steady in the breezy conditions yet in addition harder to ship and requires enlistment.

Mavic Mini is a lightweight drone and it is stunning to perceive how much worth is pressed in a particularly little bundle. DJI has outdone something extraordinary for themselves once more.

Fimi X8 XE

Flying App

Fimi has a preferred application over Mini. Little has set on auto on its application and you don’t have a lot of adaptability on it. With Fimi, you can change your settings in more subtleties.

The champ here will rely upon your degree of flying mastery. Further developed pilots will make the most of Fimi’s customizability while fledglings will cherish Mavic Mini’s quick and simple arrangement and pre-bundled arrangements and programmed settings.

Fimi X8 SE

Flight speed

18km/h contrasted with the 13km/h of Mini, gives this one also to the Fimi X8.


Flying attributes

Small flies better, it is a DJI drone that is simply glorious.


Fimi wins this one with a scope of 5km while Mavic Mini can do 4km.


This isn’t actually a reasonable comparison as Mavic Mini seems to be, much the same as its name recommends, a Mini robot focused on the novices. Xiaomi Fimi X8 then again, is an undeniable machine that would be more appropriate for examinations with other Mavic models – Air or Pro.

Nonetheless, the absence of brand assurance with XIAOMI is an interesting point when settling on the buying choice particularly in the event that you are a newbie pilot that is bound to crash his robot and need to save parts and backing from the maker to fix it. You can purchase these drones and their parts in case of a crash at Banggood.


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