FIMI X8 SE Review: Time to Give up Your Old Drone


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The big Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi has just stirred the waters of the drone world with a new drone release. If you are looking for a low priced, elegant drone with great video quality and long battery life,  then this is your next purchase. Xiami FIMI X8 SE is the drone that will take your videography to the next level. Before you think about putting your hands on this beauty, let’s see why is this the next drone to own.


The looks

Elegant and small, the X8 weighs just 790 grams with the dimensions of 204 x 106 x 72.6mm. Just put it in your backpack and forget about it. The adjustable remote is designed to fit multiple devices such as phones and tablets.



At this price of $499, FIMI X8 SE comes with all you need to take your videography up the charts. The 3-axis stabilization camera guarantees steady shots worthy of the cinema screen. Speaking of cinema screens, this beauty will shoot in 4K and 30fps at a speed of 100Mbps with real-time HD video transmission. There are, however, videos from FIMI showing 60fps footage so there is a possibility that we might have a 60fps version in the future.

FIMI X8 RC Drone

Other features

The Panorama, Smart Tracking, One Touch Timelapse and the four types of Cine Shot (Dronie, Circle, Spiral and Rocket) are great tools to make bloom out your creativity to make unique videos and photos. The drone tops out in distance range too. The 5km range is enough to survey the widest and most unfriendly of terrains without having to make a step. If photography is your main skill, the FIMI X8 SE speaks this language too. With a max resolution of 4000*3000, it is perfect to get nice details into those aerial shots.

FIMI X8 RC Drone

Battery life

Again, the FIMI X8 RC Drone surpasses its competitors in this category too. At a constant speed of 8m/s, Xiaomi promises a battery life of up to 33 minutes. In normal conditions that would roughly be around 25 minutes which is not bad at all.

FIMI X8 RC Drone

Other perks

If there are strong winds up in the sky, the FIMI X8 SE will notify you so you can decide if you continue shooting or not. This little drone is also smart. It protects your investment by flying back to you on its own when it’s out of battery. If you are looking to perform more important stuff than taking great photos and videos, then maybe the Search and Rescue feature is what you are looking for. Although there is currently no info about the advanced obstruction of obstacles, the design of the FIMI X8 RC Drone makes you think that something might be available in this aspect in the future. Most people don’t fly their drones “blind” anyway, so this is not a deal breaker.

FIMI X8 RC Drone


The FIMI X8 SE has great chances to become the next star in the drone world. Even with the current specifications, its price-value is unbeatable. There are chances we will see even more unique features added in the future. Overall, this quadcopter deserves a top spot on any drone charts. Considering the success of the previous Xiaomi Mi Drone, I can safely put my money into the new FIMI X8 SE. For more details about the product, please check here.


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