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Without a doubt, skateboarding is popular. However, have you heard of finger skateboarding? It is a skateboard that can be done with the hand instead of the feet. Yes, it sounds pretty straightforward; however, it depends on the flexibility of the fingers alongside the friction available.

finger skateboard

Finger skateboard is very handy, and one can play with it anytime anywhere. Kids can use it during break time, and adults can use it in the office and launch times. In 1980, finger skateboard was introduced. It came around when skate shops offered them as novelty key chains. This gave hobbyist the idea, and they made their little boards at home.

finger skateboard

As the years passed, finger skateboard grew from a personal hobby to a full-time industry. People who are good with finger skateboard have gone ahead to develop the idea into a brand. People who practice finger skateboarding are guys in their late teens and early twenties. In 1990, as many varieties of finger boarding sprang up, it took the interest of companies like techs Deck. As a result, they improved on the original keychain fingerboards and designed it in mass just for the fun of it. With it, people could have standards finger skateboard tricks.

finger skateboard

Features of the Finger Skateboard

  •  It is pretty handy, can be used anywhere without restriction.
  •  It is also a very thoughtful gift idea.
  •  It is a made of plastic and comes in random and fancy colours

finger skateboard

The benefit of Finger Skateboarding

  •  It is a great way to kill boredom.
  •  It is a pretty impressive way to improve the strength of your fingers.
  •  Also, a fingerboard targets small muscle group which is good for the overall body.

finger skateboard

Tip for Finger Skateboard

One of the ways to get better with fingerboard is to watch a lot of YouTube videos. You do not need to listen How-To videos. Merely watching other people practice with their finger skateboard will help you get the grasp of it. Also, it is good to practice. It is critical to perfecting your skills with the finger skateboard. On starting out, it could prove a little difficult because it is way different from other sports. As a result, it takes time and practice to get the grasp of it.

finger skateboard

Also, one needs to get the right and most suitable finger skateboard to use. It could be difficult getting the grasp of it if you use a fingerboard that is not suited for your finger. Thus, in learning how to fingerboard, it is good to experiment with different sizes and shapes before making a decision.


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