Flying RC helicopters popular with hobbyists worldwide


RC Helicopter

Flying has always fascinated mankind for centuries and a wide variety of gadgets and machines have been invented to help humans defy the forces of gravity. While aircraft and helicopters can fly in the air, they are expensive machines costing millions of dollars which few people can afford. So taking advantage of the widespread interest in flying, toy manufacturers are developing remote controlled gadgets which can fly in the air. One of the most popular remote-controlled toy or hobby gadget is the radio controlled helicopter or RC Helicopter which a hobbyist can control using the controller provided.

rc helicopter blades

How to choose?

There are a wide variety of RC Helicopters available depending on the budget of the buyer, skills, design. These helicopters can be broadly classified into toy RC helicopters which are used by children and others who do not have skills, experience, and the more sophisticated hobby radio controlled helicopters which are like miniature helicopters, having a similar design, and require some skills, experience to control remotely. The toy helicopters have fewer channels as there is less provision for control, while the more sophisticated RC Helicopter for hobbyists has a larger number of parts which can be controlled remotely, and 4 or 5 channels

RC Helicopter

What are the advantages?

Compared to radio controlled aircraft, RC helicopters are more popular as they do not require a flat landing strip for takeoff and landing. There are many models of helicopters available for indoor and outdoor use, differing in their power rating, so the helicopter model should be selected with care. Controlling the helicopter is a difficult task as coordination of the brain and the hand which operates the controller is necessary. Some amount of practice is required to control the radio controlled gadget and make it fly in the direction and height as desired. There are a large number of hobby clubs where RC flying enthusiasts can network with each other to improve their flying skills, learn about new models of helicopters available and participate in the competition

RC Helicopter

Why to have it?

While RC toy and micro helicopters are easily operated by a person with no skills, RC single rotor collective pitch helicopters with a turbine are usually miniature versions of real-life helicopters and only a skilled pilot can control these helicopters effectively especially make them hover at a particular place. Radio controlled quad or multi-rotor helicopters also known as drones are becoming increasingly popular worldwide for aerial photography, having sophisticated electronics and mechanical balancing systems. The drones have cameras for taking photos, making videos and are easy to operate. Manufacturers of these radio controlled flying machines are constantly developing new models incorporating the advances in technology

RC Helicopter

Flying radio controlled helicopters is becoming an addictive, relaxing and popular hobby for people of all ages worldwide, so gadget lovers are encouraged to purchase one at the earliest.


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