FMS Super EZ Trainer makes it possible for you fly in a short time


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If you are beginner to learn flying, then this FMS Super EZ is suitable for you get start. It is the most advanced multi-purpose trainer on the market today, which would teach you how to fly in an extremely short time. Born for flight, it will also well lead you into RC aircraft field.

FMS Super EZ

FMS Super EZ is a proud work of FMS, also it is a benefit for consumers. It is a true all-rounder, featuring cool looks, 1.2m wingspan, low wing-loading, super-light construction and metal landing gear, who has great trainer aircraft flight characteristics. There is no need for electronic stabilization or advanced transmitter, this Super EZ allows for very easy flights.

FMS Super EZ

With the large scale size, super long wingspan and leading edge CG, FMS Super EZ is more stable to fly, reducing troubles during your learning. Combing powerful power systems like 3136/KV 1050 motor, 20A ESC, four 9g servos and providing aileron, elevator and rudder, this trainer allows you to practice flying towards all directions: flat fly, side fly and even fly 360 degree upside down.

FMS Super EZ

The landing gears are not retractable. By using 11.1V 1300mAh 25C, you’ll have 15 minutes to practice each time. Behold this FMS Super EZ trainer, its flying attitude is as serious as yours to learn flying. Contributing all of its abilities, you will surely have a good learning experience with this airplane.


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