Four simple mistakes to avoid when constructing RC airplane kits


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Remote controlled planes have evolved to be very popular both for adults and kids in recent years. Kids favor the electric versions of RC planes, but the adults tend to find pleasure in the gas-powered version of RC planes.


Numerous clubs for flying RC airplanes have sprouted around the globe. In the US almost every city has a flying club, and this is the same as Canada, Europe. RC flying clubs also have a massive following in developing continents such as African and South America. This Just shows the extent at which fancy flying RC airplane kits. When it comes to RC airplanes, they come in three deferent level of completeness; the ATR [Almost Ready to Fly], RTF [Ready to Fly], and kit [this means that the aircraft comes in pieces which you have to assemble on your own].

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In this article, we are going to solely dwell on how you can get the best out of your RC airplane kits.

RC airplane kits are the most fulfilling of all the RC airplanes because you get to build the plane from scratch up until it flies. However, building them can be trying if it’s your 1st time. Here are some resolutions to the common mistakes that people make when assembling and flying rc airplane kits.

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Parts wont line up properly

This is one of the most common blunder that novice pilots make, and 9 out of 10 times it’s simply because the process of assembly is rushed. The main reason for rushing is just that one will be zealous to just get the plane on its flight; that adrenalin rush of flying your plane for the 1st time.

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Unable to tell which direction the plane is in the air

Seldom it’s very difficult to see which way the RC aircraft will be facing during its flights. This, however, shouldn’t give you any headaches, because to solve this you can paint the tail section of your plane with a different color. Walla, problem solved.

rc airplane kits

Batteries keep on dying

The lifetime of batteries for RC airplane kits after a charge is not that amazing, and worse off when the batteries voltage decline past a certain point there will not be able to charge up to maximum capacity ever again. To fix this you need to make sure that you unplug the batteries after each flying session.


Feeling like you suck at flying? Been there

Well, as with most skills at the beginning it seems like it’s a mountain that cannot be moved, but with continuous practice, the mountain just turns into a small ant hill. This applies also to frying or assembling RC airplane kits. To improve you need to fly them constantly and build your skill. The easiest RC airplane kits to fly as a rookie are high winged aircraft; high winged RC airplanes kits have their wings above the fuselage. They are easy to maneuver during flights and construction is also fairly easy.


Having an RC airplane kit at your disposal come in with tonnes of perks. Your hand to eye coordination is massively improved when you indulge in RC airplane flying, also, it’s not as expensive as cocaine, but it gets you excited and filled with adrenaline. Furthermore, doing this will improve your knowledge of electronics and mechanics, and the use of materials. Your problem-solving expertise is greatly increased. It’s a great way to learn how an aircraft work in detail.


RC airplane kits are fantastic things to have, the benefits that you get is insane; besides it’s just a cool hobby to have, so why not purchase one for yourself?

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