Foxeer: the leading FPV drone related company



Foxeer is the company that manufactures the products chosen by the expert users as well as the recreational users.
Although the flying drones began a few years ago, their expansion was explosive. In a few years thousands and thousands of different drone’s models, single-helix, 2-helices, 4-propellers, etc. were developed. This led to consumers also growing exponentially. And the use of drones is currently seen in recreational users, in the cinema, in audiovisual producers, etc. What led to the market demand for quality products and there was born.

It was born in 2014 and in just 3 years becomes the market leader in FPV cameras, R & D products, HD action cameras, flight antennas, etc. Their products are the most requested in the market of drone users. This led to his factory having to be installed in an area with 5000 square meters. Their enormous growth makes them think about increasing their production capacity.
In front of an audience of adventurous consumers who need quality products, that support the constant use and with the highest quality of image and sound transmission. Is that Foxeer responds with a group of young people and professionals who understand what the consumer wants, and they understand that their products are used by experts and by people who use it in their hobbies.

foxeerThis adds up to the most specialized technical team in the world, which works every day to constantly develop better transmission equipment, better cameras, better engines, and accessories. And I’m so qualified technicians also make up an aftermarket team of excellence.
FPV cameras and HD Foxeer action cameras are chosen by the world of cinema in the world. From the blockbuster productions in Hollywood, Indian cinema or also by the industry of the oriental cinema, like the Chinese or the Japanese. Industries that was growing very rapidly in the last decade. These cameras are used in the filming done with drones to obtain more faithful and broad images from the air.
These products along with their antennas are also the most used in the world of sports entertainment. With these products, the aerial images of the last major sporting events of the world have been filmed, such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the super bowl of the year 2017 and the final of the European Champion League of 2018, between others.

The quality that Fooxer products are also solved by the opinion of its users, with 4.9 points in a categorization of five possible points in all product scoring preforms. And they consider the trust that their consumers have and that is why Foxeer is constantly working on new developments that respond to the needs of the market, always underpinning the quality and durability of its products.

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