Discounts For The Ultra-slick And Untouchable Eachine Wizard TS130!


FPV SystemRc Drone

Buy this incredible Eachine Wizard TS130 NOW at a fantastic and outstanding price using coupon code EA09 at checkout! This offer will not last long, and you need to get this FAST before they are sold-out and returned to their original selling price (which isn’t too expensive, but this deal is outstanding, and you do not want to miss out while you have this opportunity).

fpv drone kit

The Eachine Wizard TS130 is unlike any product of its kind by offering a super-rigid, compact, and durable carbon fibre frame and ultra-power-packed 4100KV brushless motors. This FPV Drone Kit will leave you nothing but sheer satisfaction and pure happiness all the way to the winner’s circle. Laugh uncontrollably at your opponents in the heat of the moment’s intense magnitude and unrivalled victory!

The Controller

Featuring an ultra-versatile, very smooth and ridiculously nice handling F4 flight controller, you will be able to operate this drone wherever your heart and soul may desire.

fpv drone kit

The Body

With a solid 3mm thick body and arms and a 2mm thick top plate, you don’t have to worry about damaging your beloved drone no matter how hard and ravaging you slam your opponent off of the course and out of the race. There is a groovy 130mm total size for the carbon fibre frame, giving it a precise, fine-tuned weight to size ratio to handle the toughest and gnarliest of environments and atmospheric conditions with its ultimate manoeuvrability and crazy-good control.

The kit also includes a carbon-fibre wrench and ten cable ties to assist you in completing and/or doctoring the assembly of your unbeatable first-person view drone.

fpv drone kit

The Motors

On the ends of each arm, you will find a TS1507-4100KV brushless “speed-demon” motor equipped with a trileaf propeller, driven by 4-in-1 20A ESC.

What about the camera?

With a high quality, crystal-clear FOXEER Arrow MICRO PRO camera with Sony SUPER HAD II CCD image sensor and 5.8G/40CH VTX with up to 200mW transmission power, you will never find your drone in a tree again or knocking on neighbour’s door asking if your drone crashed in his backyard or not (if so, hopefully, his dog didn’t find it first!). Impress yourself and everyone around you with a superb aerial view of your awesome and well-to-do community of good, friendly citizens.

fpv drone kit


In all, this drone is super awesome,  and you will never miss a beat in the sky again with this wickedly fast and well-controlled drone. You simply cannot compare the enginuity and engineering formulations that have been brought into one, solid and ultra-truistic breath swiping machine that will leave you on your knees crying for your next battery to finish recharging to optimal conditions. For more detailed information about the product, please go to Banggood.



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