FY-G3 Gimbal review: user- friendly and great performance


Are you going to have a journey? Pack the FY-G3 Gimbal together with you to record every little thing happening during your journey. This gimbal is simply amazing! It is a great handheld gimbal, light weight, easy to carry, simple to use, it does replace a drone for outdoor use.

FY-G3 Gimbal

I have checked all the reviews on the YouTube, and it does what it says. I just use it with a three telescopic monopod, and it works well with my GoPro 3. Attach the GoPro, insert the batteries and you are ready to go, very user friendly. Another user-friendly point is the convenient and practical power switch design, which helps me easily achieve the shooting of fast moving people, animals, cars and the like.

FY-G3 Gimbal

Handles are running great. In addition, FY-G3 Gimbal is smart solution for very smooth videos. A little slow to pan so sharp yaw movements can give it a little bump but after playing with it for a day and getting used to it. Batteries seem to last quite a while. It is equipped with four batteries and one battery charge. Each battery type is 16340, and capacity is 2560mAh. You just need to use three batteries and one can be used as backup

FY-G3 Gimbal is an amazing gadget. The performance, the price are just magnificent! I recommend it. The only thing i could wish more for is to make it water proof so i could use this all weather. You can purchase the product by following this link.