Gartt GT450 DFC is the ideal helicopter in most people’s heart


No matter what plane you want, i always think it is a good way to assemble by ourselves. And Gartt GT450 DFC will help you to create a helicopter you want most. In addition to power components, all needed parts are included. What’s most important is that it won’t make much troubles for you because it comes with many new designs on structure to facilitate your assembly.

Gartt GT450 DFC

After building the frame, you’ll find that the bearing block and servo mount are integrated into one piece, same as the anti-rotation guide and gyro, battery mount and canopy mount. So in the latter period when we install power components, it will be easier to find locations of each component and makes installation simpler.

Gartt GT450 DFC

Gartt GT450 DFC is 635mm long and 230mm high, not small, but it is ultra light, making it effortless to carry outside. Every single part it adopts is just quality, like the rigid frame, high- strength main blade grips, the upgraded metal tail slider and its control arm, all ensuring a longer using time for us.

In the aspect of flight, i believe Gartt GT450 DFC won’t let you down too. The low wind resistance rotor head is designed with reduced distance to the fuselage, which effectively lower the CG, so our flight will more stable and it is great for 3D performance. Meanwhile, the shaft driven tail design combines to provide stronger power, so powerful as well as stable, you will definitely enjoy flying with it.

If you are looking for an ideal helicopter, Gartt GT450 DFC is your right choice. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.