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For toy hobbyists, new products always make them excite. Yes, today, i also bring you something new, it is Gartt EH-355, an on road hovership. Is it playful? Come with me to have a closer look.
Gartt EH-355Gartt EH-355 looks sporty. In order to ensure a longer service time, i suggest to play it on smooth ground. When it moves, the feeling it gives me is just like roller skating. It enjoys high speed, and during its speedy moving, it is flexible and responsive to change postures and directions. Even when it gets close to barriers, you are able to immediately stop moving to protect it from strong impact. What an agile guy!

However, Gartt EH-355 owns really simple structure. I will show you the interior by capitalizing on pictures.

Gartt EH-355

Remove the shell, this is how Gartt EH-355 looks. It is 355mm in length, 225mm in width and 115mm in height, weighing 400g.





Gartt EH-355


This picture shows the overall look of the interior. We can see that it is very simple, consisting of 3 pieces of air cushions, two motors, a servo and two ESC s.





This is the almost ready version, but to make Gartt EH-355 run, you also need to install a 2 channel transmitter and receiver, and a 2200-2600mAh 2S 7.4V Li-poly battery.

Life is to continuously try new things, and Gartt EH-355, this new kind of toy will give you a fresh playing experience.


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