A General Review towards Boscam Receiver featuring smooth wireless transmission


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A receiver always places vital role when applied to FPV monitor, goggles glasses as well as transmitter with telemetry feature. If I were you, I’d utilize Boscam Receiver who enjoys decent reputation among a mass of hobbyists. A large variety of receivers in different channels waiting for you, and hobbyists allows to pick one in line with certain need!
Boscam FPV Receiver RC305When you start photographing, you’ll be curious about first person view aerial experience. Whatever FPV device adopted, wireless signal transmission can’t be reached without a reliable receiver like Boscam Receiver. It is the pretty little thing in light weight that achieves stable and smooth sound&image transmission when being installed into a certain FPV device.
Boscam FPV Receiver RC805OK, let’s take goggles glasses for example to see how Boscam Receiver works. With the receiver built-in, the remote controller, flight controller will form a triangle, three of which are closely related with each other. Simple, remote controller can adjust the camera with an electrical pan-tilt that can move upward, downward, leftward and rightward. Meanwhile, the camera possess a transmitter which can send the sound and image signal to the ground.
Boscam RX-LCd5802 MonitorThe goggles with AV receiver like Boscam Receiver can be connected with a remote controller via the data cable. On one the hand, the remote controller supplies power for the glasses. On the other hand, goggles glasses with AV receiver can read and decode sound&image signal, thus hobbyist have access to what the camera shoots. And first person view photography is reached under the lens of goggles glasses, just like you’re the pilot sitting in cabin to control the whole flight.
Boscam TS832Furthermore, you’d better adopt receiver like Boscam Receiver which is endowed with abundant channels to select so that there is no interference during the process of wireless transmission. what’s more, these receivers allow to reach the longest transmission distance to five kilometers, if work with bigger gain antenna, eight kilometers will be ensured.


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