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DYS Shark-MakoWith the release date just around the corner, it is already causing a mixed reaction with many eagerly waiting for it. You can’t believe it when informed, but it is giving the best experience when it comes to drones. It may appear as a magic but it is a true performer and DYS Shark-Mako is out as the newest model. Though it has a funny name, it is one of the best considering the functionality and ability. It is design under the great ideas, control of great experts and is very easy to operate. It is more real and has the massive ability when it comes to general monitoring making it completely more enjoyable.

DYS Shark-Mako

DYS Shark-Mako has more fun in it and is giving new experience whether you are interacting with it for the first time or always. From the history of the industry, much has been done and many changes are now being experienced in drone manufacturing. The rate of change of the drone is happening very fast and is interesting getting the upgraded features. New generations have been made by upgrading most of the existing parts and setting giving very amazing features. The initial DYS that were first produced were very delicate and fragile due to size and type of material used. The upgrade has been done in two ways including the controller which changed to F4.

DYS Shark-Mako

Whether you are new in this world of racing or experienced, there stands a lot of opportunities to learn with the newest gadget. The features are amazing to both the experienced and the new pilots and you should try it today

 DYS Shark-Mako

Features of the DYS Shark-Mako.

The new drone has a weight of 135g when fully equipped together with the batteries. It is a quadcopter with a tiny whoop of around 100mm in size. Designed with uniqueness it has a unibody and a plastic frame. The drone has the ability to support both the 3s and 4s batteries for its use. It is equipped with one of the best controllers with settings of D8 and 2.4G mode making it more powerful. DYS Shark-Mako is very easy to assemble once you settle to buy and use it. It has a high-quality FPV set camera that is set on it making it possible to capture images effectively. It has an amazing feature that makes the power adjustable when in use and very easy to control. The stability has been raised by the set 4 blades propellers which are long enough and accommodates all the features of the drone.

DYS Shark-Mako


DYS Shark-Mako can be used both indoors and outdoors making it one of the best. The batteries are compatible with most of the existing ones making it very easy to maintain. They are affordable in nature and can easily be acquired by both the beginners and the experienced pilots. It gives you the true value of your money and buying one today guarantees satisfaction.



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