Get new experience with SYMA X20W at a reduced cost


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Thanks to the ever-changing technology making life cheaper every day. The perception of people taking the drone to be an expensive device and only meant for a few who can afford is slowly being swept away by the changing technology. All interested parties in the field of drones can now smile and fly a drone with ease and at a cheaper cost. They are no longer the items for the few since they have been made affordable making it all fun.


Those who are experienced in the drone industry will testify on the greater changes experienced with the introduction SYMA X20W. The drone is very interesting on the ability it has, size and the functionality making it perfect for capturing photos and video. Many have described the small size of the SYMA X20W as a feature that makes the drone different from other already existing ones. It comes with all the basic features that one may want to enjoy yet at a very affordable price.


Outstanding features

Some of the features that make the drone outstanding include, the ability to have controlled the drone remotely at 2.4G making it very interesting to use. The whole process of controlling SYMA X20W remotely has been made simple as the remote controller will only require 4 type triple A batteries. The full structure of the drone is reliable and of good quality following the perfect ABS material that is used in the SYMA X20W. The drone comes with an in-built 3.7V quadcopter battery that has the ability to provide 180mAh.


When the drone is meant to engage in longer activities, the process of charging the drone is very fast for it takes about 110 mins to get fully charged. It works perfectly under the remote control of 100m making it perfect to take a video cover within a range of 100m. The vertical distance covered by the drone is set at 80m which makes it higher enough over many structures and trees hence reduced destructors while being used. With an FPV distance coverage of 25m and a camera quality of 0.3mp, all can be improved using your mobile phone making the device one of the best.


The whole system of the SYMA X20W has an increased flexibility as it is compatible with Android and iOS. You can download the app and have all the set requirements in place ready to get started. With an item dimension of 10.5*10.5*2.5cm and 4.1*4.1*1.0in and an average weight of 21g which is light enough for all the uses, you may require.


The drone has presented the freedom, choice, and control from all the directions giving a new experience to all the users. If you are looking for an affordable and a small drone that will serve your needs well, SYMA X20W is an excellent choice to consider.




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