HB Rock Crawler leads you to cross mountains and rivers


RC Car

Don’t you think they are cool? When i saw HB Rock Crawler at the first time, i was fully attracted no matter it is in red, green or blue. Such a car which can conquer all kinds of road really arouses my buying desires.

HB Rock Crawler1. rubber wheels
HB Rock Crawler comes with four big rubber wheels which are hollow, so they are full of elasticity and able to adjust according to different kind of roads. Therefore, even though it runs on rugged ground, keeping high speed is still no problem. Besides, their treads are clearly visible, providing high friction, so it won’t slip and fall.

HB Rock Crawler

2. structure
Stabilized by dozens of screws, i convince the structure is solid enough. Cooperating with superior manufacturing materials, HB Rock Crawler owns greater impact resistance ability, so the body is hard to damage and the service is of course lengthened.

HB Rock Crawler

In addition, this car also adopts independent suspension springs on four wheels to make your off-road running more flexible, easier and cool, at the same protect the built-in components.

3. power
HB Rock Crawler is a four-wheel driven car, together with the powerful motors in the front and behind, this car is full of energy and enthusiasm during running, which makes it able to torque  dramatically and implement difficult actions at ease.

HB Rock Crawler

The dazzled lights makes HB Rock Crawler more cooler. So far, it seems that everything is perfect, but when i get the news that the charging time is about 3-4 hours, what i want to say is- you must be kidding me! Although the playing time is long, about 20 minutes, after the 20 minutes, i am going to wait another 3-4 hours, then i can play again. Well, except this point, other things of this car are great. You can purchase the product by following this link.


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