HELIWAY Helicopter is tenacious of life


RC Helicopter

Is it possible for you to own a unbreakable copter? The answer is HELIWAY Helicopter.

HELIWAY HelicopterDesigns:
1. Outstanding resistance to break
HELIWAY Helicopter is designed to be resistance to break. Just like the picture below show, no matter what injuries it suffers, it won’t break easily. Well, all these is benefiting from the metal pipe material and overlay fitting fuselage, which reduce the exterior gravity and protect the vital parts inside from getting damaged.

HELIWAY Helicopter

2. Strong fixed wing
The wing is stabilized by 8 screws, which makes it extremely firm and strong to prevent falling. Besides, being made of soft plastics, the wing is elastic so it won’t easily break. So this is resistant to fall and crash proof in a real sense.

HELIWAY Helicopter

3. Single-motor tail wing
Single motor design makes HELIWAY Helicopter flexible to implement your order of changing direction. It is no problem for you to fly a “S” route, isn’t is funny? But pay attention, during flight, the tail wing maybe fall, and for such a little part, you may can’t find it, so you’d better prepare extra ones.

HELIWAY Helicopter

Built- in components
This helicopter is suitable for beginners and children( above 14 years old) to practice as the adopted gyro helps them better control the balance of the copter and easily reach stable flight, so they can better learn flying. For those who are skillful at flying, the super fast rotation speed of motor would make them crazy! So no matter how cold, wet or hot the weather is, HELIWAY Helicopter is still stable to fly.

HELIWAY Helicopter

Body length: 15”
Body width: 2.8”
Body height: 7.7”
Flying time: More than 6 minutes
Charging time: 90~120 minutes
Control radius: more than 30 meters

Overall about HELIWAY Helicopter
Outstanding resistance to break allows it to be used for a longer time. Combining a stable gyro and fast rotating motor, it gives you both safety and excitement. It is perfect for beginners. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.


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