Here is everything you want to know about the FPV quadcopter competition(part 1)


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With the development of FPV quadcopter technology, there are more and more FPV quadcopter sports competitions in the world attracting more and more people’s attention. One of the most popular topics is whether FPV quadcopter competitions are the next new e-sports.

FPV quadcopter

The recent four technological breakthroughs to promote the prosperity of the FPV quadcopter  game development:

  1. The first-person viewing (FPV) video system transmits the camera live signal placed on the FPV quadcopterto the simulation goggles. With fpv transmitter, players can have better accuracy and agility;


  1. With the development of the engine, the electronic speed controller and battery with a high discharge rate will make acceleration and precision control into reality;


  1. Lightand small but HD fpv camera and live video converter can broadcast live signal to the goggles so that players can avoid obstacles in the high-speed flight state;


4.Made of carbon fiber, the light, shockproof body structure is dedicated to creating competition level RC quadcopter.

FPV quadcopter

How does the FPV quadcopter game work?

  1. In the game, speed and operability are important. The duration of the game is very short, about a minute or so. Moreover, accidents often occur. The most popular form of competition is that a group of players at the same time play the obstacles race. After a round of flight, the first quadcopter drone to reach the end wins.


  1. During the race, the pilots will use the FPV goggles which will show the real-time quadcopter images. They are very dependent on this real-time transmission system: as even a small deviation may lead to accidents.


  1. Most of the participating models are relatively small. They are smaller than the popular consumer class unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the popular DJI phantom or 3DR solo. More importantly, they fly faster than the average consumer level rc camera drone. The RC Quadcoptercan be up to 80 miles per hour. Most contestants have their own unmanned aerial vehicles. Some of the amateur unmanned aerial vehicle suppliers, including Horizon Hobby, have already begun to offer off-the-shelf game-level quadcopter equipment.




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