Here is everything you want to know about the FPV quadcopter competition(part 2)


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FPV Quadcopter

UAV game overview

  1. With the support of ESPN, GoPro, Mountain Dew and other major investors, the major quadcopter leagues are growing and growing. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle League currently holds eight million investments. The opener was held in February 2016 at the New Miami Amphitheater in Dolphin. Moreover, more and more money is spent in developing new rc quadcopter kit.


  1. The latest DR1 series was released this summer, and they started the opening game at the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles, hosted by Mountain Dew and broadcast live on Twitch. DR1 also has a partnership with the MultiGP UAV game alliance, which has more than seven hundred races, attracting more than a thousand players.


3.Local organizations often organize some regional UAV races. One of the most famous events is the Xtreme Drone Circuit in Las Vegas, which includes exciting items such as leapfrogs, and the Multi Rotor Parts will have more features. On September 9th, it will host the third tournament with a prize of $ 10,000.

FPV Quadcopter

UAV games regulations

  1. On August 29, 2014, the 107 regulations, which we looked forward to for a long time, came into effect, allowing people to install independent visual equipment on commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, allowing the player to use the FPV system. At the same time, Section 107 also limits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by those who are not involved in UAV operations.


  1. Indoor events are not subject to the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. At present, UAVs are held in indoor buildings such as abandoned shopping malls.


Looking to the future

Participants, businesses, and investors both want this new event to develop along the track of competitive games. In 2016, this event will bring up to $ 433 million in revenue.


Individual players want to be famous on YouTube or a popular video site among players called Airvuz by uploading videos. Charpu is the owner of the video channel Carlos Puertolas, and now he has the most fans on YouTube. Last year he went to the Times magazine.


The purpose of the UAV game course is about to go online. The Flying Federation, built in San Francisco, has organized the “Darq Traq” program in innovative suitcases. DJI, the world’s largest consumer unmanned aerial vehicle maker, also opened an area of 15,000 square feet of unmanned aerial vehicle FPV Quadcopter racing practicing area in Seoul in mid-August.


We can predict, but also look forward to, FPV Quadcopter sports competition in the future will have a better development.


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