Here is everything you want to know about the FPV quadcopter competition(part 3)


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Will UAV RC Quadcopter racing become a sport? At least some of the game league, such as Drone Racing League, Aerial Sports League, and Drone Worlds, etc., some of the game sponsors and contestants think so. The four-axis rc fpv drone race has been from the lovers of the confrontation, and gradually extended to the organization of the Union, and the game has become a sport that is able to attract a lot of audiences.

RC Quadcopter Parts

This is a very natural thing, after all, any type of game can become a sport, not to mention the rc quadcopter racing has fierce collision and dazzling high-speed flight, which can please the audience. The most interesting type of game may be the rc FPV racing, which requires the contestants to wear rc fpy goggles. The audience can watch the game itself, but also to the player’s perspective to participate in the game.


Although the drone racing did not has the RC Quadcopter Parts like the deafening engine, but the flight racing does have their own advantages. The game can be held anywhere like indoors, outdoors, parks, and mountains. In addition, the remote operation of the aircraft through the small FPV Monitor is different from hundreds of luxury cars psychological experience, it’s easier for players to take reckless action, resulting in a fierce collision.


UAV racing has been developed more and more professional and the rc drone parts are also more and more professional. In 2016 the game is likely to reach a new stage, more like a formal sporting event. Perhaps one day the new game will have a new watch form and FPV System. Think of that, a group of people sitting in the audience wearing goggles, sometimes cheering, as the game is held in their mind.


Let the unmanned aerial racing hot up! Another important factor, let’s be honest, is the money. Drone Worlds has $ 200,000 in championships in October, so the competitors can have more RC Quadcopter Spares. In contrast, some small tournament bonuses are only a few dozen or one or two hundred dollars, which is more like the exchange activities of enthusiasts. If there is no financial assistance, it is difficult to cause widespread concern in society. If someone can regularly organize such a game with high funding, the degree of concern is not difficult to rise.


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