High-compatible Walkera G-3D Gimbal for aerial photography


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How could you make great aerial photography without a compatible gimbal? Particularly for large-range aerial photography, Walkera G-3D Gimbal is indeed irreplaceable. Apart from its outstanding function, the gimbal can be compatible with many HD cameras. If flying stability depends on personal skill, then the the quality of a gimbal is totally on your choice.
Walkera G-3D GimbalTo reduce load to the maximize, the gimbal utilizes aluminum alloy rotor and carbon fiber main frame. To some extents, the CNC precision machining can enhance its control ability. In addition, the brushless motor can better serves the gimbal in terms of its long serve life. Usually, HD camera like iLook, iLook+, GoPro3 and GoPro3+ can be well fixed by Walkera G-3D Gimbal. No matter for taking video or pictures, it ensures super stability and fluency.

Adopting three-axis control system, the gimbal is featured by its high precision and excellent stability. After all, the latest attitude control system can greatly avoid shaking phenomenon when shooting pictures, achieving the best effects of images. If equipped with Walkera G-3D gimbal, a certain HD camera can be adjusted in pitch control range from -130o to +90o, in roll control range from -45o to +45o. Thus, the gimbal officially helps the camera capture full-perspective scenery.
Walkera G-3D GimbalIt is the high performance that makes it widely applied to extreme sport shooting. And I have to stress that this three-axis gimbal can compatible with a variety of different aircraft. No matter for professional all-in-one equipment or DIY device, Walkera G-3D Gimbal completely meet your needs. With clear and simplified structure, the gimbal is easy to be installed or disassembled.

What’s more, the three-axis gimbal supports free online program upgrade, and you can have access to the latest control system all the times. Independent from a certain aircraft, the gimbal is supported by high-capacity Li-polymer battery. Nice photographing!


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