Hisky HCP100S: Dual Brushless Flybarless 3D Mini Helicopter


HiSKYRC Helicopter

With 244mm in length, 45mm in width and 87mm in height, the first dual brushless mini copter Hisky HCP100S just weighs 79g on account of the most concise structure. It seems that all the components are well organized with very little gap, and it’s the most compact mini copter without unnecessary part considering the whole formation. In addition, it is a 6-channel 3D copter with pretty outstanding fancy flight performance.
Hisky HCP100SFirst of all, the shell will shock you before flying just as the main concept stressed on 3D copter.  And I couldn’t take my eyes off the the light green shell on the first sight. Perhaps, some of you won’t be affected by the color, but light green make you easier to identify the nose and get better control of the copter while doing furious 3D fancy flights. Actually, I think it is the shell that makes the copter more charming for 3D flights.
Hisky HCP100SBesides, Hisky HCP100S is featured by its dual brushless motors design. As we know, brushless motors often cause no electronic spark even if working at very high speed, dramatically reducing interference towards wireless electronic equipment. At the same time, the friction has been greatly decreased and there is much less noise you will hear while rotating, which ensures very quiet and elegant flight.
Hisky HCP100SFurthermore, the comprehensive performance of the mini 3D copter has prompted into new extreme, which will far exceed your expectation. Enthusiasts playing single-blade copter always looks pretty cool. The thing is, single-blade copter often provide you with more stimulating 3D flights. Apart from three dimensional flights, the copter can achieve hovering, rolling, flipping and other fabulous stunts.
Hisky HCP100SPersonally, I think Hisky HCP100S is of pretty high appreciation and collective value. Specially for experienced copter enthusiasts, you must be rushing to put it on the toy shelf. But I guess you won’t be satisfied if just putting it on the shelf, after all, it is a high-level 3D copter. Made by durable material with super durability, the 3D copter always keeps its cool coating and shape even if doing stimulating movement. So, what are you looking for? It’s time to get it in hand, man!


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