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One of the weirdest assumptions that toy lovers have is that the quadcopters are the most expensive gadgets at the toy shops. This is not true at all! The quadcopter drones are actually the trendiest gadgets and are not expensive as perceived. The quadcopter cost as cheap as $15. Too many people with a craving for toys, this is a very small amount of money as compared to the magnitude of fun it brings. Over the recent past, the most dominant and renowned quadcopter is from the WLTOYS. It is one of the best toy brands in the market.

WLtoys Q343

Among the cheapest and enjoyable quadcopter is the WLtoys Q343. The toy has become famous among people who have an interest in buying the best quality and cheap quadcopters. This toy is Wi-Fi enable and therefore connects to the user’s phone as the auxiliary screen. In addition, the toy is controlled using a pre-installed app on a smartphone for easier and convenient controls. This actually makes it cooler, right? The WLtoys Q343 quadcopter comes with different colors in order to satisfy the diversity of color choices which may emanate from potential buyers.

WLtoys Q343

The following key features make the WLtoys Q343 the coolest and perfect choice of toy.

  • It has a very small weight (around 14grams), a feature that makes it fly with ease.
  • The 0.3MP camera has definitely received the best rating for a toy of this kind.
  • The Wi-Fi FPV system allows the gadget to have a real-time video transmission between the phone and the quadcopter.
  • The slide flight function enables to keep balance and enhances steady hovering
  • The toy is fitted with a LED light which makes it easier for night fly. This is an awesome thing that you can play with the toy even at night.
  • The most continent thing for the users is that one can control the quadcopter using the cell phone.

Additionally, the toy has a remote control distance of 30-50 meters for over duration of 4-6 minutes. The battery on the gadget has the ability to store charge up to a minimum of 2 hours after charging for an hour.

WLtoys Q343

The WLtoys Q343 also comes with accessories and a few spare parts to enhance its working. To being with, the quadcopter has a USB cable which is used for charging. It also has 4 Spare Propellers. This ensures that there are available propellers to change when the kid wrecks the initials ones. Personally, I would recommend anyone out there with the desire to buy a quadcopter to try the WLtoys Q343. It will definitely give the greatest feeling of using a toy!


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