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Have you always wanted a present or a gift for your child? How about getting a toy that would come in different sizes from the size of your shoe to the size of your hand, come with high technology, light in weight, have an eight-way steering control that enables the car to go in all directions from back, front, right and left, and  the car, controlled by a remote control,  has inbuilt AAA batteries that are rechargeable and charges from the car remote in a span of 45 seconds! How amazing is that! Welcome to the world of mini RC cars. It’s just not your normal toy!

mini rc cars

As earlier stated they come in different sizes, and so are the cars themselves. Below I will dive into three types of mini RC cars that you should be considering to lay your fortune on.

Micro Racing Toy Random Color: 1PC Mini Coke RC Car W/ LED Light Radio Control

This type comes with the size of car approximately “7*3*2.5” as for can being approximate, “7*7*12.5” of the material is normally plastic with colour just being random or rather can go with your favourite children colour. It’s a matter of choice! As earlier stated, the car is charged by remote but the remote charged by batteries that are not included in the package. This car is advantageous in that it has high speeds and also super light speed. In them is a four direction remote controller,  and what even makes them better is that they comprise a manual which can be used to give directions on how to get the car rolling and even charging the car. The car can be charged in 15 minutes by putting the batteries in the remote, turn on the remote charger, pulling out the charging plug, place at the interface at the bottom of the car then the light indicator should turn on. That is simple! It is a good type of gift that you can give to your children and even adults.

mini rc cars

Micro Racing Vehicle Random Color: 1PC FengQi Toys 8803 1/63 Radio Control Coke Mini RC Car

This is another type of mini RC car that has a plastic material with a random colour that you can make selection with the height of the can being 12.3cm and the diameter being 6.5cm the remote size being “11*1.8*4” with its full power covering distance of 6-20m in a flat and barrier-free area and in an ideal state covers 5-10m. The car itself is “7*2*3cm” with the weight being 102g,  and this one is specified to a certain age group that is 3 years and above. Reason being it has some small parts that are not ideal for smaller kids. What’s interesting in this is the direction features it possesses. The car can go forward, backward can take a right turn, a left turn control has function and charging indicator and an unlock button. How amazing! Car starts while pressing the control button. When forward or reverse button is engaged, the car goes forward or backward with the lights up. The car turns left or right when the forward or backward button is engaged as the left or right button is also held. The unlock button is basically to help engage the car while this car has an added feature in fine tuner which is in the bottom that helps to adjust the level lined performance.

mini rc cars

Micro Racing RC Car: “Mini Coke Can Remote Radio Control”

In this mini RC car type, the size of the car is approximately 3.15” (inches) x 1.35” (inches) x 0.75” (inches) and the can be approx. 2.5” (inches) /65mm diameter x 4.75” (inches) /12mm which is the height. The car comes with it a remote controller which is a four direction controller with the mini RC car also having an inbuilt battery which is rechargeable. It possesses lights that go on when the car is going forward(headlights) and backwards(taillights). What’s more, it has 4 roadblocks with it to sweeten the experience. Recharging as the others are very easy with the cables fitted well in the package. You can give this gift to your loved ones.


mini rc cars

To Sum it Up

There you have it. No more puzzles in your head. Go and get this at your nearest stores and put a smile to your loved ones. It’s an experience that can be shared by both children and adults. For the love of cars and racing!


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