How to Build A Remote Controlled Robot By Yourself


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The use of robots has been in existence even before movie makers could think of creating science fiction and SIFI films. The existence of remote-controlled machines has also introduced people to the use of robots that are remotely controlled. What’s more, many people around the world enjoy playing with remote-controlled robots. Remote controlled robots are not only popular with children but also with adults. It is no wonder the robot industry has grown over time with games and activities being popular all over the world.

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Ready build and ready to use robots are everywhere, which make it possible for robot lovers, both young and old to get access to these devices easily. But did you know that you can make a remote control robot at home by yourself? Time has come for remote-controlled robot lovers to put their ideas into practice and make their own robots at home. Below are some of the simple materials that you need to make a simple robot in the comfort of your home.

  • 2 push buttons
  • 2 LED of the similar color
  • A small plastic box that has a lid
  • 2 to 3 meters of four wires with different colors
  • Power source
  • 2 3v toy DC motors with the same specifications.
  • 2 Li-on cells or any type available
  • A cell holder
  • 2 motors

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Place the cells in the cell holder, use glue to paste the motors on the plastic box. Put the LED on the motors but on opposite directions. Make holes in the box for putting the LEDs which will act as wires. Make another hole at the back of the box to insert the wires that will connect to the remote. Glue the wires to the motor, insert the LED and seal the box. Be careful with the terminals of the wires and the cell. Following these steps will allow you to build a remote-controlled robot at home. For more information on how to build a remote-controlled robot kindly contact us.

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Many people have not only played with the remote-controlled robots but they have also attempted to make them with ultimate success. Moreover, it is important to note that making a remote-controlled robot at home is beneficial to young children.

Robot Toys

Allowing children to participate in making remote-controlled robots invigorates their imagination and allow them to use their creativity. Remote controlled robots can also form an interesting game for adults. Some of the most popular robots include JJRC and Xiaomi among others. Remote controlled robots for children come in various shapes, sizes, and have a lot of fantastic things to add to the package. For example, they can sing, dance, and even have educational games that build a child’s imagination and thinking capacity which promote brain health.

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