How to choose the best FPV Goggle


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FPV goggles or First Person View goggles are used to fly the RC drones. The goggle has two small screens that show the same images that the drone sees through its camera. In this article, we will highlight the important points, which are necessary to keep in mind while buying an FPV goggle.


Tips for choosing an FPV Goggle
Headband size
Some goggles don’t come with an adjustable headband, either buy with adjustable headband or the one which will fit on your head.
This also works on the same theory, higher the resolution is equal to higher picture quality. One should look for high-resolution display goggles to have the best experience.
Field of View
To get the immersive picture onto your goggle screens, you must choose one with greater FOV like Fatshark brand.
Color of the Headset
The color of headsets totally depends on from person to person. One may like white, other may like red, and it’s a personal choice but should be considered while purchasing the goggles.
Video Recording
Some goggles are capable of recording video on the micro SD card, which allows saving and rewinding the recorded footage. In the case of a crash, you can rewind the recorded video to check what went wrong and where the drone crashed giving you the location.
Video Frequency
Many FPV goggles come with a video receiver; however, they only run at 5.8 GHz.
Motion Sensor
Motion sensor cameras track the movement of the head and move where the head is moving. This makes the flight experience even better and safer as it also increases the field of view of the drone giving better picture quality.
Diversity of Receiver
This means that there is more than one video receiver. Both receivers have their own antennas, which point at different angles. The receiver diversity will automatically choose the one with the best reception giving you the best video feed.
The price factor depends on the built quality of the FPV goggle. The goggle made with high-quality plastic, having high-resolution display, coming with two antennas will cost high giving you a high-quality product whereas low-quality goggles will be cheap but will not give the best experience.
The technology has made it so easy to fly from a pilot’s perspective. The FPV systems today requires minimal knowledge and guidance to fly. Check out FPV Goggles and other products at


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