How to connect blitzwolf projector to wifi



BlitzWolf Projector focus on satisfying your home theater, business or education requirements. Super ultra-high-resolution and excellent brightness of the projector will give you wonderful audio-visual enjoyment. All kinds of input port of the projector make it possible to connect with a variety of electronic device.

Blitzwolf projector

Blitzwolf BW-MP1 projector
The Blitzwolf BW-MP1 offers amazing value and is aimed at those looking an affordable entry into big screen home entertainment.
All you need to get started is the MP1, your device and a white wall or surface to project into. If you have that then just connect the device to the projector, focus the screen and your cinema is setup.
With BW link technology you can connect with Airplay, Miracast and with windows screen cast, there is no need to install an app or configure anything, it works natively with your device. Anything you play on your device will be duplicated onto the projector.
The manufacturers focused on creating a home movie projector, they didn’t look at business or professionals. Instead of packing it with excessive specs, they compiled a set of features that perform well as a home cinema setup and created a system that is easy to operate. This approach enabled them to balance the specs to the point they can offer great value. The resolution is 800X480 and provides an acceptable level of detail and the 1200LM LED bulb produces enough light in a dark room for screens up to 130 inches.

How To Connect Blitzwolf Projector To Wifi
To wirelessly connect to the Blitzwolf projector, you must set the source of the projector to “BW-Link” which will then present you with a screen displaying the SSID and password for the projector. Perhaps I wasn’t reading the instructions properly, or I missed an alternative, but in order to connect to the projector, you must use WiFi. This means you must disconnect from your existing network to cast

  • Tap Wi-Fi to open the Wi-Fi Networks menu. Tap your projector’s SSID in the list of available wireless networks. Note : If you don’t know your projector’s SSID, you can find this information in the Network section of the projector’s menu or by pressing the LAN button on your projector’s remote control.
  • The projector has multiple connections, whether you prefer using HDMI or casting over Wifi you’ll be able to do both -Good picture for the resolution. Despite the native resolution being 400p, the picture is crisp and detailed when viewed on a smaller image size.
  • Some wireless projectors do not have access to an outside power source. There are many benefits to battery-operated projectors , but having the right batteries to go with them is a necessity.
  • Allows wired connections included LINE IN, Optical, Coaxial, and RCA IN so TV and DVD players can connect; Support bluetooth connect wirelessly to your smart TV, PC, smartphone and tablets for an incredible home-theater experience.

For the ultimate experience, it recommend pairing the projector with a Bluetooth speaker for more powerful sound and also keeping your device plugged into the charger to avoid a low battery half way through your movie.


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