How to DIY an RC robot


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Did you know that Robot comes from the Czech word “robota” which literally means “forced labor or work”? This could also be one of the major reasons why we term ourselves as robots when we overwork. Jokes aside, it could be examined that the role of robots has revolutionized the whole world where the simplest tasks are being carried out by a robot in one way or another. And the good thing is that you can also make one all by yourself! Unlike the older times when the technology or building something was considered as a rocket science, in the current world scenario, things have taken a new form. Now, people are asked to buy things that they wish to buy which could then be assembled by themselves through DIY (do it yourself) method that includes a set of instructions that ought to be followed. Similar is the case with the Robot Toys that could be assembled by the prospective buyers all by themselves.

Robot Toys

Isn’t it crazy! You can now be the mechanic who knows how to build robots! The RC robots have revolutionized the markets in which there is a very high demand for them for the reason that it intersects with various games and activities etc. There are numerous easy DIY ways to make one that would also be discussed in this article so do not go anywhere else. You can use the same tools for various other projects related to the robotics that makes it even more interesting. There are a few things that you will need to get started that would involve buying the following things:

– 2.4 GHz remote control that you can get on eBay

– Receiver that has six radio channel

– Aluminium chassis

– LiPo battery

– Sabertooth 2x25A motor driver of 7.4V with the discharge rate of 20C

– Power wires and tools such as soldering iron besides the screwdriver

Robot Toys

Once you have all the basic tools, you would then assemble all the things. The channel has input and output in which the one input channel besides another would be connected to the motor driver. There are very easy steps that get followed and could also be found in various experiences shared over the Youtube that involves people to share their knowledge about the RC robotics. The process could be both simple and complex depending on the end product that is required for the project. This would allow you to choose between the options in order to further be focused on the kind of a project that you want to achieve and you could also create an invention and bring it to the world with your own hands. So, just get started already!


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