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RC Car

Beginners Guide for Playing RC Car

Things have changed. The technology is advancing and each day comes with new goodies. Today, RC cars have become everyone’s favorite. People have grown fond of playing RC cars, and the industry is expanding more and more with time. Moreover, every year there are RC sports activities held across the globe. However, before getting the gadget, you must ensure that you have the essential knowledge required to make the game fun.

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How to choose the right RC car

The RC cars are advanced and not all of them look like those toys you used as a kid. Moreover, they come in numerous verities, different sizes, colors, fuel source, looks, and handling. You will love them all, but you can only get one. Which is the right RC drift car for you? Is it on-road, off-road, time-trailing, and tarmac or mud fest? When selecting the right car that you wish to have, you must consider how you want to drive and experience it. For example, the vehicles need to be operated on smooth surfaces, while there are more advanced trucks that can handle even the roughest surface.


Which kind of surface is available for you? If you plan on staying indoors, ensure to get the remote control car that can operate well in there. If you wish to get a car that can beat off-road terrain, gas-guzzling adventure, and mud splashing, you should go for a sturdy car that can get past the bumps and lumps.

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Making a DIY RC car

If you feel like you cannot afford to get RC car yet, do not beat yourself up. You can still get your kid his/her dream car by making a remote control car that works just as fine as those RCs in the store. You can make one that operates with batteries, and the better part is that it is very easy to make. Some of the items that you need to come up with the car include;


Four wheels

Plastic Gears

Motors where you can use one or two depending on the strength of a single one

Channel remote

A metal rod

Motor speed controller

Wood that you will use as the body of the car


Nails receiver remote


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What are the common RC car mistakes to avoid?

Now that you have your dream car, how do you go about it to ensure that it can serve you efficiently and for an extended period?

Never forget to charge the batteries – before taking the car for the first ride, make sure to fully charge the batteries and do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Ensure to set up the RC correctly – the car may be well set, but it is advisable to do a thorough inspection before taking it for a ride. Inspect the tires and the engine.

Lastly, never forget to maintain your car.

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Today, the RC drift car is the most common and most loved RC vehicle which comes with numerous benefits such as efficiency, functionality, durability, easy to use and set up, its speed and affordable cost. Some of the cars include the Exceed RC Madspeed Electric powered drift car, team energy belt drive pros and the exceed RC Madspeed drift king car.


How best can you gift your kids if not by getting them an RC drift car? What are you waiting for? Make a point of joining the exciting world and enjoy an experience like never before.


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