HSD Silver Viper with quality and simplicity at its finest


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HSD continues to push the limits with the release of this 75mm Sliver Viper Jet! It is a ducted plane, specially made for those who want to learn flying this kind of plane. Although it is designed for beginners, by harmoniously combining the concept of affordability and top-notch performance, it is taking the industry by storm.

HSD Silver Viper

1100mm wingspan, 969mm length, HSD Silver Viper is a super large plane. Top-of-the-line designs and quality are fully shown. First of all, the combination of red, black, silver creates eye-catching visual effect and makes this giant difficult to not be attracted. Secondly, you can see the outline is crooked, that’s because it is designed considering air drag, so your flights will be smoother and exceptional flying is no problem. Besides, the super long main wings are detachable, convenient for your transportation. Beyond that, you can also see there are winglets in the tail. They will help you to fly more stably by reducing drag and turbulence. So HSD Silver Viper is perfect for beginners to learn flying.

HSD Silver Viper

Assembling this model is in just a few steps without the mess of glue. Spacious battery compartment provides great accessibility that you can adopt both 4S and 6S to zoom through the skies. But the 6S battery offers the best value: basic aerobatics, vertical performance and speed is all handled by the 6S variant without breaking character. What’s more, with a sturdy fixed-landing gear configuration, this model is made for the punishment of rough landings by jet pilots in training.

With quality and simplicity at its finest, take to the skies with this high-speed HSD Silver Viper and conquer your dreams! For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.


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