Husban X4 RC Quadcopter : The Little Amazing Easy to Fly Drone


RC Quadcopters

Now that you’ve decided to venture into the world of drones, I’m pretty sure that you’re looking for that quadcopter that’s great for both beginning and experienced drone handlers. It then goes without saying that you must be seeking to know about the things to look for prior to purchasing this drone. The good news for you is that Husban X4 RC Quadcopter offers you as the end user all those things from reliability, functionality, speed, to durability, and of course high quality and fine architecture, which give you the best user experience.


Packaging and unboxing

From the manufacturers, Husban X4 RC Quadcopter comes in a ready to use state, and you’re only required to remove the seal that secures the box in order to access the drone itself alongside its accompanying accessories such as:


-1 Husban X4 RC Quadcopter 2.4 GHz, Golden black in color, which comes in a desirable size of 311*311*70 mm, and weighs 410 gm

-8 propeller blades

-A 610 mAh LiPO battery

-1 USB cable

-2.4 GHz FPV Transmitter + LCD screen

-2.4 G remote controller

-8 blade crews (self-locking)



Architecture design and durability

Husban X4 RC Quadcopter comes in a very appealing design. Perhaps its designers had the thought that drones crash many times. That’s why they used durable materials in its construction. The drone itself has a very little design for increased robustness to crashes, as well as to ensure that it fits well in the palm of your hand.

Its golden black color makes its appearance extra sexy. Its small rubber feet ensure that the drone lands safely and smoothly while the additional prop guard protects the props and also adds durability to the whole drone.

It is also fitted with a camera, which helps to take footage of your flights.



Charging and flight performance

You charge the battery of the drone by connecting it to the USB Charger. The red LED light indicates that the device is still charging, but when it goes off, that means that you’re now ready to fly it as the charge is now enough, To attain the maximum charge, it usually takes 30 minutes, after which you plug in the battery to the drone and start flying.

Being extremely agile and fast, we are allowed to only describe the drone’s performance as surprising. It has no delays and therefore maneuvers through the flight faster. But what makes it even more popular across the globe is that it comes with two in-built flight modes- the low mode and the expert mode. The latter mode is the most exciting. To be honest, it is a feature you can hardly find in its competitors.


The controller

As I said earlier, the controller fits well in your hand, and it is a factor that gives you more comfort while flying the drone. For the best user experience, the transmitter comes with trim for throttle adjustments and which also enables the drone to move smoothly along up and down axes.

You can increase or decrease the drone’s performance as you please adjusting settings and flight mode through the LCD Screen.



-It’s a small easy-to-fly daredevil that offers the end user the best experience from drones

-It is made in a little design and highly durable materials that give it extra robustness to crashes

-Spare parts are easy to find

-It is cheap considering its amazing features and performance. By purchasing it, you are assured to get value for your money.


-Its expert mode is difficult to master, especially for beginners

-It flies for a short time of about 5-6 minutes. It  is a very short flight time

-Its camera does not take great images


The final verdict concerning this amazing drone is that it is one of the best little quadcopters out there. It does offer the end user amazing speeds, durability great stability, and overall performance, without forgetting that its design is amazingly cool. It’s a great drone but still more needs to be done on the camera and battery lifespan for the best user experience.


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