IMAX X350 with touch screen can charge various equipment


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Still think that chargers are like that? Then you are out! IMAX X350 shows you a totally different charger. Here we go!


Unlike traditional chargers, IMAX X350 is an intelligent one with a 4.3inch touch screen. So every thing can be controlled through this screen, you can also parameters. This is a really beautiful charger adopting fashionable exterior design, which is innovative and eye-catching.


In addition to distinctive appearance and touch screen, IMAX X350 has some other awesome features that traditional chargers don’t own. It can not only fit with one kind of battery. As you can see from the picture, it is an all-in-one charger integrating many ports, making it compatible with many batteries including Lithium battery cell count  1- 6 series and NiCd/NiMH 1-16 series. Stronger compatibility makes this charger more practical. But before you plug, you must figure out the right port and then plug to prevent both damage to the charger and the battery.


Apart from a charger, the package also includes one piece of adapter board, one piece of connect cable and one piece of manual. USB supports 5V 2.1A charging voltage and also can be used to charge for ipad/ ipod/ iphone/ HTC and other other electronic equipment. Have you ever seen such a multifunctional charger? For the latest official price and full specs see our product page.



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