Impressive Hisky HCP80 V2 Mini 3D Helicopter with 3Axis/6Axis Gyro


HiSKYRC Helicopter

The reason why plenty of hobbyists start to pay attention to Hisky is that those helicopters always  take flamboyant as well as characteristic design. Take the newest Hisky HCP80 V2 for example, it has wined a mas of fans since it was released not long on the market. Not only featured by its striking canopy, the helicopter also stands out for its remarkable flight performance. You may keep reading if interested!

How adorable the mini helicopter is! With 215mm in body length and 80m in height, Hisky HCP80 V2 could be held in the palm with ease. This time, there are two colors featuring the mini copter, respectively light blue and pink, two of which make it pretty impressive when doing 3D stunts in the sky. Besides, the striking canopy is design to help you better identify flying direction to avoid many crashes.
Hisky HCP80 V2Utilizing flight control system with adjustable gyro including 3axis or 6axis gyro, Hisky HCP80 V2 is super smooth& stable in normal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward. Hobbyists can choose to take 3axis or 6axis gyro in line with individual experience. Personally, beginners may start with 6axis gyro in that it’s more adjustable. While superiors are more suited to take 3axis gyro on account of its agile and sensitive reaction.

Hisky HCP80 V2
Fancy stunts such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying as well as vertical flying all can be reached by Hisky HCP80 V2 with ease. What’s more, the 6CH mini helicopter allows to carry out two or three fancy stunts synchronously. It’s really incredible to see such a mini copter freely dance in the sky. Especially when crabbing, flipping and vertical flying carried together, it pretty resembles a dragonfly!

Hisky HCP80 V2
In addition, there is an ungraded transmitter equipped with Hisky HCP80 V2. All flights are achieved under the operation of the controller, luckily, it’s quiet easy to master. And you can choose between left and right throttle modes according to personal habit. Considering its size, the helicopter allows to fly both indoor and outdoor. Even new-in pilots can freely fly it in that the reasonable structure, skid landing, durable canopy and main blade ensures very long service life.
Hisky HCP80 V2


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