JJRC JJ810 is really high-quality!


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For those who are keen on mini drones, the release of JJRC JJ810 would make them crazy! It is a really petite quad in size of 7.5*7.5*2.5cm. Coming with white and streamlined shape, it is no doubt that JJRC JJ810 is an extremely charming quad!


With mini drones becoming increasingly popular, our requirements on them are also stricter and stricter. Well, i think good quality is fully reflected on this quad. First of all, JJRC JJ810 is made adopting senior airplane material which makes it drop-resistant and abrasion-resistant, so as to offer longer service time. Secondly, being made of nylon engineering plastics, the mini propellers are with super strong flexibility, corrosion resistance, making our flight more safe and higher. In addition, to prevent damage to the aircraft during flight caused by the collision, it also equips with safe undercarriage. All these prove that JJRC JJ810 is superior to other mini drones.

JJRC JJ810With JJ810, you just need to focus on flying without worrying about negative influences caused by ultra light weight like instability because this quad owns a built-in 6-axis gyro that is more advanced than others. It can accurately lock height and position, hover stably, and make shoot at any angle and any position. Also in favor of the gyro, JJRC JJ810 is no problem to roll in different directions. Much funner than we expected.

JJRC JJ810Flight time is also nice about 5 minutes, which is what we can expect from a quad of this size. Combing LED lights, how could you resist to love JJRC JJ810!


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