JJRC R11 Cady Wike:The Best Smart Robot Toy


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What is the most valuable play accessory for a child? Is it a trampoline, play mat, walkie talkie or a robotic accessory? For most users, the RC toys are fave equipment. The reason is that they offer a more natural play session than other robot toys. In this read, we will look at the R11 Cady Wike Smart Robot from the JJRC brand.

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Immediately you unbox this gadget, you will notice the white colour in a considerable part of the body. The toy itself feels light on the hands and also has an exciting look. The shade blends well with a variety of interior decor, and it is easy to clean. Also, some of the robot’s parts including the side and front of the head, shoulders and top part of the foot have a different shade. You get to choose either the blue or green colour.

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Your child’s playtime never gets an interruption. With this RC toy, it offers around 60 minutes of fun and entertainment. Even after an hour elapses, the charging time using the available USB port takes 2 hours to complete. So, your kid will always be ready to play after breaks in between. Remember that the above product uses a 600mAh battery for extended performance.

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Another thing that stands out is the compact white controller. Your child can use it comfortably because it’s almost weightless. Also, after installing two AA batteries, they can control the small robot with ease. From left to right, spin and even change direction. In case the controller runs out of charge, your RC toy is still safe. With the obstacle avoidance feature, it can safely bounce back and change direction without assistance. The inbuilt sensor gives it the power to control its movement and avoid barriers on the way. The remote sensor patrols the area as it plays music. A variety of inbuilt songs make the entertainment more lively and fun for a child.

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Moreover, the gesture sensing control with inbuilt infrared system gives the user total control of movement. For example, when turning the RC forward and backwards, left and right using your gestures. Besides, this product plays seven different sounds when you optimize the touch control.

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Cady Wike uses modern technology to allow it to sing, dance and even walk. If you play the onboard music tracks, you can watch it break dancing to the cool rhythms. You can also preprogram its previous movements with a press of a button for ease of use.

To conclude, a child can have a toy which feels more like a companion. The play time can be enhanced with the above RC toy. It has fantastic features like gesture sensors to ensure endless entertainment. If you were in doubt about this toy, then the above benefits can lead you to a concrete decision.


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