JJRC Robot Toy – An Unresistable Companion for Every Home


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Do you sometimes feel bored at home or in the office, and you need a companion to kill boredom? Or are you looking for the perfect gift to give your kid for his next birthday? Do you have a kid who loves creativity, or so much loves techs? Then I’m sure this would be the perfect gift you’d love. The new JJRC R6 robot might be the perfect gift to bring out the creative genius in him.


The JJRC R6 Robot is an intelligent RC robot that serves as a companion to kids or adults. The amazing RC robot has astonishing features with different control modes that can help you control it to do all kinds of gesture like role play, laser cannon, dancing, combat, sliding, lightning and even auto movement. This smart JJRC R6 robot smart robot has special functions like; path tracking, maze solving, auto demo, dynamic dance.


Some Interesting Features of this Robot

Path Tracking – Draw a path with black line and watch the RC robot follow it diligently. Excellent way to kill boredom. Also, an excellent way to make your kid more creative, because he’ll always want to come up with several pathways to watch his JJRC R6 robot walk through it. Who knows what his creativity might turn out to? He turns out to be more creative than you thought.

Maze solving – This RC robot is good at solving a maze, Just place it in a maze and watch it find as it finds its way out.

Dynamic Dance – With just a push of a button in your remote control, the robot would dance to the rhythm of your music. You can even program your own dancing moves, and watch it display your moves.

Intelligent programming – This robot can be programmed to do any moves you desire. All have to do is to use the remote control to tell it what move to make.

Smart charging – With just a charging time of 2 hours, you’ll enjoy a play time of 50 minutes.


Other Features are:

– auto display

– 2 color choice

– sleek lines

– flexible arms

– non-skid tires


The world is advancing, and great technologies are coming up every day to help enhance human lives. It would be great if we embrace it, and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. If you can get hold of the RC Robot, I’ll bet you never have to face boredom again. It’s a great tool that’s not just for children, but for adults as well. The best of it all is that the price is very cheap.

JJRC R6Get one today for yourself and kids and tell me your experience, I’m certain it would be a pleasurable one because mine was.


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