JLB Racing Cheetah – 21101 Full Review


RC Car

With the perfect appearance, the JLB RACING 21101 features a full proportion 1/10 scale RC off-road Truggy design, but its real size is as much as a 1/8 RC car. Highest speed reach at 80km/h which can somersault. How fantastic is it? Just enjoying the fun!

JLB Racing – 21101


JLB RACING Cheetah 21101 is a metal motor bracket that has an elaborate design, and easy to adjust the gap between two gears; The motor bracket helps, avoid sand damage to the motor.

The metal pars with Titanium color and black shell body make the vehicle have a dynamic model feel; More oil, better damping, to provide a strong clever manipulation of the car. With the tough tires, you can go from off-road to on-road with ease, predictable handling, and little roughness.

It is beautiful and solid strong as Plastic and metal are integrated, and the chassis holds with strength metal on the second floor. Hence, Finely it’s crafted, Highlighting the noble quality, The domestic model car cannot be compared.


JLB RACING 21101 assuring you that you’ll be able to deal out the same abuse that all the other nitro-powered trucks can handle!. The super duty dogbones provide the security you’ll want when you take the JLB RACING 21101 way off-road and into the rough road!

The thick diameter on the wheels and sleek black anodizing add up to all the confidence you’ll need that the drivetrain won’t disappoint when the going gets tough! You’ll be able to exercise the full power of the Brushless motor to the ground without worrying about breakages or anything else.


You can drive the truck to the level of a normal car and enjoy the awesome moments. While performing a trick whenever you want.

It is strengthened by a thick metal plate and the huge shock absorbers around which firmly support it. The all-road tires and high center of mass allow it to run freely on both smooth and uneven roads.


Moreover, the 4000mAh Lithium-ion battery greatly satisfies your wish. Driven by the 3670 2500KV high-torque motors, the motor vehicle will not die on you.hence, emphasis on reliability.


JLB RACING 21101 RC Car is an incredible gift for your kids, or yourself.  you will find it irresistible and at a very great deal.it will Stimulate youngsters’ mind improvement by keeping them busy and engaged grab you a superb toy for your youngsters



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  1. Arturo says:

    Hi there, would anyone know to tell what type is black ribbon cable and its connector to the board in the gimbal? Thanks!

  2. Alfin Mulyadi Putra says:

    please disassemble camera for to know what is inside the camera and i want to know what lens type they use for it.

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