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Did you know that with just a few bucks (less than 200 bucks), you can get a pretty quadcopter? It is quite amazing to see how drones have quickly progressed from being the expensive gadgets with just a few features to more affordable devices with top-notch features. Quadcopters are no longer the expensive gadgets we used to know. Many changes and upgrades have been made. And a new design is in the market – the Jumper T8SG Plus transmitter.


This transmitter is the latest version of the T8SG original multiprotocol radio transmitter. This transmitter is an upgrade from the previous original Jumper T8SG that provided the ability to control many different quadcopters. This new version combines all the features of the original one with the addition of new upgraded features.

Jumper T8SG Plus


  • Bigger Screen-This transmitter has a 2.4 inch OLED screen. This screen size provides a larger and clear display for the controller.
  • More switches-This upgraded version has 6 switches. It also has additional rotary dials contrary to the original one which only had 4 switches.
  • Color- The new Jumper T8SG Plus transmitter comes in a nice gold finish design.
  • More accessible USB connector.
  • Gimbals- It comes with high-quality Hall effects.
  • Module bay-This new version has an additional module bay. It also features sound and vibration alerts.

These features are very helpful when you have telemetry configured. The transmitter will send alerts to you when for instance the battery is near empty. The device is run with an open source multi-protocol firmware that is compatible with most mainstream remote controls.

Jumper T8SG Plus


This radio transmitter comes with AA battery cage. If you remove it, you can power the RC with LiPo batteries too. The RC accepts a wide range of input voltage.



  • Designed specifically for multi-protocol capability
  • Detachable antenna
  • No installation is needed for Deviation software
  • Channels are fully programmable
  • Available in two modes 1 and 2
  • Multilingual menu
  • Has simulator port and replaceable RP-SMA antenna



  • No one discovered so far

Jumper T8SG Plus


Whether you are a skilled FPV pilot or a newbie, this new radio transmitter can be really good for you. If you have more than one drone, you probably need a remote transmitter that will give you the ability to control all the drones. You need a powerful transmitter and of high quality. The new Jumper T8SG Plus is the solution. With this transmitter, you can fly all your drones. This transmitter extends a range of quadcopters. This transmitter is able of using popular FPV protocols such as DSMX, FlySky, FrSky, and others. Jumper T8SG Plus is a completely new transmitter in the market, you should be among the first pilots to own it.



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