Jumper X86: A Racing Drone with High Performance


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Nowadays, FPV racing drone has become more and more popular among people. If you are a big fan of TV show, you will find that producer has used drones to record for the sake of all-direction perspective. Thus it can be seen that drone plays more and more important role in photography.

Jumper is famous for producing first-rate racing drones, which has occupied a certain market. Among them, X86 is one of popular one. For the first sight, maybe you will mistake it for a mini fan. Aha, even though it is featured with green color,looking so fresh, it is actually a drone.
Never look down upon it due to its simple looking. It actually has a promising list of features. So as to fly more fluently and steadily, it adopts F3 7DOF(MPU6000+STM32F303) & OSD & Race timer & BEC, which promises you to get crisp and sharp pictures and high-fluency videos.


When speaking to its configuration, I must underline its camera parameter. There is no need for you to worry about its definition. Because it can support the resolution of 1280*960 with 5MP images. In addition, it is able to adapt to different environment because the minimum temperature that the camera can bear is -40℃ and also can be up to 85℃. Due to portability, it is designed in palm-sized. It means that you can bring it everywhere.



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