Long flight time with Sunnysky 380KV


Sunnysky 380KVTo ensure a long flight, all components of your quad copter should be nice. Motor is an essential one among the components. Today, i would like to introduce one kind of motor called Sunnysky 380KV. It is specially designed for quad copters and multi-rotor aircraft, which allows long flight.
Sunnysky 380KVSunnysky 380KV sold by Banggood is manufactured by using quality material and built to last. It is 113g weight and 46mm long in diameter. It supports pro adapter output shaft with diameter of 6mm. Its wire length is up to 60 cm.
Sunnysky 380KVNo matter how good an objective is, it can’t work well without users’ proper maintenance. For maximum life, i suggest to install motors and other accessories properly, and put a small drop of oil on each bearing every 10 flights. If phenomena of motor vibration, shaking, roughness, or notches in bearings are observed after a period of use, it is suggested to replace motor bearings immediately. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the bearings are maintained properly and periodically.

For the best overall combination of performance, quality, and value, use Sunnysky 380KV brushless motors in your aircraft and enjoy a long flight with it.